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Elevate Your Non-profit Operations with Intelligent Automation

At the heart of the social sector, Charity Automator is designed exclusively for non-profits. Experience transformative growth by offloading mundane tasks, focusing more on what truly matters. Crafted by industry specialists, our fully-managed solution adapts to your unique needs, ushering in a new era of efficiency.

Automate Online Gifts

Smooth Transfers: Fully automated and customizable data transfer from platforms like LuminateOnline®, TeamRaiser®.

Advanced Matching: Ensures the right data entry with address correction and matching algorithms.

Automate Reporting

Data Warehouse Access: Dive deep into consolidated data.

Tool Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with popular reporting tools like Tableau® and PowerBI®.

Unified Dashboard: Get a holistic view across Raiser’s Edge NXT®, Financial Edge NXT®, and Luminate Online® from a singular data source.

Automate Direct Mail Gifts

Lockboxing Integration: Experience full automation and integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT®.

Attachments: Includes scanned BRCs and cheques.

Reliability: Say goodbye to backlogs, delays, and errors.

Automate Acquisition

Rapid Campaigning: Speed up your acquisition campaigns with automated merge/purge and custom exclusion codes.

Optimized Engagement: With a known influence of mailing proximity to the date of a patient's visit, our automator ensures timely engagement for grateful patient programs.

Getting Started

Embarking on your automation journey is just a few steps away

  1. Contact us and sign up for a subscription.
  2. Let our team guide you. We simplify the automation process, ensuring everything runs as intended.
  3. Witness elevated operational efficiency!

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